City of London Public Works Open-Top Agreement Terms

  • State mandated Kentucky Environmental Remediation Fee, cost per ton $1.75
  • Rental fee per month will be $135.47 OR $4.52 a day if used less than a month.  These charges are per container and in addition to the dumping charges.
  • Delivery Fee $64.50
  • Relocate/Move Fee $64.50

Overweight fee on open-top dumpsters:
additional $58.05 per ton to the above charges.

 Customer agrees that the open-top may not be filled above the top of the container. Customer is responsible for any damage done to the open-top. Customer agrees to pay all dumping charges incurred and for any collection fees for non-payment.

City of London is not responsible for damages to yards or driveways that may occur from placement of an open top container. Placement location determined by you or your designated on-site contact.