The London Police Department is looking to expand their Neighborhood Watch program, with five neighborhoods currently meeting on a monthly basis. The program’s motto of “we look out for each other,” exemplifies the positive influence the program has had over the years within London, and what’s been practiced throughout participating neighborhoods nation-wide.

“It’s a really great thing that’s starting to gain some ground here in London,” said Magen neighborhoodwatch2Zawko, Public Information Officer at the London Police Department.

Neighborhood Watch is a gathering of neighbors who meet with officers periodically to discuss ways to keep their neighborhood safe. Citizens are encouraged to bring their personal questions to the table one-on-one with an officer as well.

IMG_1183“A nation-wide study expressed that 96 percent of neighbors actually feel safer when they know who’s living beside them… in this day and time, many people don’t know who their neighbors are,” said Zawko.

Local churches are even getting on board with neighborhood meetings by cooking meals for the families and having fellowship along the sidewalks. If you are interested in joining a Neighborhood Watch or looking to help out, contact the London Police Department at (606) 878-7004.To learn more about the Neighborhood Watch program visit the London Police Department’s website.


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